Taste the history of the Egmonden in five unique packages

Egmond Experience takes you along through the rich cultural history, the unrivalled nature and the special sceneries of the Egmonden. The Egmond Experience offers packages in any field: nature, culture history and scenery. Both sportive as well as the ‘easy way’. The best gift awaits at the end of each package: a tasting of the Sancti Adalberti abbey beers in the tasting room of our brewery in Egmond!

Package 1: Boat trip and beer tasting

Boating and beer drinking

After coffee and abbey biscuits the boat is ready for you. The skipper takes you to the abbey of Egmond and the guide will tell you all about the origins of the scenery and the abbey of Egmond monks’ influence on it.

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Package 2: Walking tour and beer tasting

Bulbs and Beer

Tulips, we love them. But how are they grown? We take a walk to Hopman flower-bulb company. Ellen will take you through the company and will tell you about the flower bulb process.

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Package 3 : Segway tour and beer tasting

I Did It Segway

After a welcome in the tasting room with coffee and abbey biscuits and a bit of a practice using the Segway, an instructor will take you for a fantastic experience: a tour on a Segway!

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Package 4: Bicycle tour and beer tasting

Pedal and Pump

It doesn’t get more Dutch than this. Ride your bicycle through the beautiful landscapes of Noord-Holland; with cows, winding dikes and waving reeds. The Dutchies say there is headwind here at all times. Ride you bicycle through the dunes to Bergen, or to the cheese market in Alkmaar.

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Package 5: Walking tour and beer tasting

Pootle and Pump

In the past century, poor Egmonders took to the dunes in to exploit it and grow their potatoes and vegetables. Small lands with ramparts around it. The result was a landscape with its own flora and fauna. A guide will accompany you who can tell you all about it.

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